Hydrant in front of Westfield fire was out of service

22News discovered the closest fire hydrant to the home was out of service

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A house fire in Westfield has forced a couple to find someplace else to stay Saturday night.

Deputy Chief Mark Devine of the Westfield Fire Department told 22News, the possible cause of fire was an electrical issue related to a freezer or snow blower in the garage.

22News discovered the closest fire hydrant to the home was out of service.

Firefighters were forced to tap into a hydrant about 800 feet away, near Woodsong Road, and even that one was difficult to get water from because of the freezing temperatures.

The hydrant was hit on March 9th and is scheduled to be repaired on Monday. The fire started in the attached garage and spread to the home. It even caused damage to the house next door.

Lauren Longley, who lives next door, said she wasn’t expecting what she saw, “Just orange and flames and it was coming towards me. It was actually moving over the fence towards our house.”

Francis Cain, Assistant Director of the DPW in Westfield, told 22News the fire department was aware that the hydrant was out of service, “A police report was generated. We then engaged our contractor. The hydrant number and location is then given to the fire department so they would know that it is out of service.”

Chief Devine told 22News, that list was at the Dispatch Center and he’s unsure if that fire hydrant was listed in the computer system.

Cain told 22News that 7 of the city’s 3,500 hydrants are out of service.