White house fence jumper inside gates for 16 minutes

The intruder was charged and is now being monitored by federal authorities while wearing a GPS tracking device

(CNN) – New details about the man who jumped the white house fence. Sources now tell CNN he was on the grounds of the executive mansion for 16 minutes last Friday before being captured.

CNN has learned alarming new details about the white house intruder who got within feet of the president’s residence last Friday night according to a secret service source.

Video surveillance shows 26-year-old Jonathan Tran hopped a fence to the grounds at the northwest corner by the treasury building, then crossed east Executive Avenue.

He jumped a gate near an unmanned guard post and walked along the driveway. Tran set off several alarms, but continued undetected.  Sources say some of the alarms may have failed. Then, Tran moved around to the south side of the white house, through the first lady’s garden.

He went undetected on the south side grounds for more than sixteen minutes before finally being caught at the entrance to the residence just below the president’s bedroom. President trump was inside the residence.

Jonathan Wackrow, Former Secret Service Agent said “it’s actually unacceptable there were multiple failures of the security system weather it was the physical security of the fencing the technological security means and the human capital means this absolutely should not have happened.”

The source says Tran was observed looming around Pennsylvania Avenue as early as 6pm, almost six hours before he was arrested.

Wackrow said, “That’s disturbing that officers in the area didn’t key in on any of the pre-attack behavior that may have been present.

It’s not the first time this video showing a security breach in 2014 when a 42 year old Iraq war veteran armed with a knife made it all the way inside the white house into the east room before being tackled just 29 seconds after he jumped the fence.

The day after this most recent white house breach the president praised the secret service.

Trump said, “The Secret Service did a fantastic job last night.  I appreciate it.  The Secret Service did a fantastic job.  It was a troubled person.”

Thursday, another security breach. An agent’s laptop with trump tower floor plans and evacuation protocols. Taken from the agent’s car Thursday morning near her home in Brooklyn.  Also stolen, lapel pins used by on duty agents.  Secret service says the laptop is encrypted. That laptop can’t be traced or erased remotely.

As for that white house intruder, he was charged and is now being monitored by federal authorities while wearing a GPS tracking device.

The secret service confirms there is now a comprehensive investigation and adds the men and women of the secret service are extremely angry and disappointed with how this all transpired.