The Do’s and Don’ts of Recycling

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) Sadly, just because something looks recyclable, it might not be, but how do you know? Lexie Vining and Katie Costantini with the Center for Ecotechnology in Florence showed us what we need to know.

Top 10 Tricky Recycling Items 

  • Black plastic – unfortunately, these can’t be recycled at this time because black color taints recycled content
  • Clam shell containers – these can be recycled as is
  • Pizza boxes – paper recycle anything with no food or grease but compost the rest
  • Lids – small things can get lost or jam the sorting facilities, so put them back on the container and recycle together
  • Paper envelopes with plastic window – leave it in as the new paper recycling mixers extracts it at no effort
  • Plastic cups and silverware – can’t be recycled, try to reduce your waste by using washable silverware and reusable cups/containers
  • Styrofoam – nearly no programs are set up to recycle this, it is just more waste, so purchase a different item for same use
  • Plastic bottles – recycle, but why use so many when a reusable container can be used
  • Plastic bags – reuse them for shopping or small trash cans, recycle them at grocery stores
  • Aluminum cans – #1 in impact and energy savings when these are recycled instead of made from new metal