Northampton snow islands impossible to see over

Snow islands on Main St. stand between 7 & 15 feet tall.

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Tuesday’s big storm has left behind even bigger piles of snow islands that divide Main Street in downtown Northampton.

Standing at 7-15 feet tall, these piles often make visibility impossible for both drivers and anyone trying to cross the street. The city’s Department of Public Works still hasn’t decided when they’ll remove this snow, telling 22News it depends on this weekend’s forecast.

Pedestrian George Reynolds of Whately told 22News he’s not concerned about his own safety when crossing Main St. with these piles in the way, but worries about drivers and walkers in a rush. “Somebody could be coming upon you very quickly that you couldn’t see, because of the snow piles, both pedestrians and cars,” said Reynolds. “You just have to really slow down and be careful.”

The towering piles of snow are all removed during the overnight hours. The city said one of the most difficult things about removing these piles is coordinating which crews will do the job.

Northampton DPW director Donna Lascaleia told 22News what time they remove this snow depends on how much snow we’re expected to get this weekend. Ideally, the DPW would like to remove it before the first flakes fall on Saturday.

“It doesn’t really bother me,” said Northampton pedestrian Amy Kemper. “I’m used to it so it doesn’t present a big problem for me, personally.” Other pedestrians, like Alex Lord, said the sooner, the better. “It’s in the way, and also, when it melts, it can turn into ice and also, and that could cause chaos in the roads.”

The snow will be trucked to a vacant parking lot at Finn and King streets, the site of a former car dealership.

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