‘Healthy’ foods aren’t always healthy

Several foods have healthy properties, but can turn bad with extra add-ons

(CNN) – There are foods out there that most people assume are healthy, but they’re actually not. Or, they come along with so many extras, you negate the healthful benefits.

Nutritionists say you should take a closer look at some foods before you dig in.

Nothing makes you think “natural” like granola. But while it can contain healthy ingredients like oats and nuts, it can also pack-in the calories – up to 600 calories per cup, often with lots of added sugar. So go easy on your breakfast granola.

There are several foods out there that may have healthy properties, but aren’t always as healthy as people may think, depending on what’s in them.

Yogurt is a good example. Greek yogurt with no added sugar makes for a rich, protein-and-calcium-filled snack. But sweetened varieties can pack up to eight teaspoons of sugar; you’re pretty much in dessert territory at that point!

Everyone loves popcorn, but that tub you buy at the movies could pack 1,200 calories in a medium bucket. And that’s without the butter! Nutritionists say it’s better to opt for the healthier air-popped variety.

And finally, salad. A salad with lots of veggies or tuna is good! A salad with crunchy chicken, bacon and cheddar is not so good. Experts say a salad can get so loaded with high-calorie extras, you would actually be better off having a burger.

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