Very few businesses powered through Tuesday’s storm

Sam's Outdoor Outfitters in Hadley decided to keep their doors open for as long as they could

HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) –  Tuesday’s snow storm was one where most businesses across the Pioneer Valley didn’t want to stay open. With snow-covered roads, most Hampshire county employees were told to stay home. Local business owners told 22News, whether they were open or not, they didn’t take a huge hit in sales since the storm hit during the week, but they’re hoping it’s the last of the season.

Sam’s Outdoor Outfitters in Hadley decided to keep their doors open for as long as they could, without putting their employees in danger. Assistant manager Chris Murray told 22News the shop stayed open to help loyal customers find what they needed when no one else would. “We had a customer early yesterday morning who’s going to be doing a lot of work in the deep snow,” said Murray, “so he was looking for a pair of Gaiters. So, people like that who are working, they still have stuff that they need to get, just to get through the last part of winter.”

Meanwhile in downtown Northampton, nearly every storefront was locked up. Thornes Marketplace, a downtown shopping mecca, was locked all day. Stores inside like The Cedar Chest didn’t even have the option of staying open, and were working to make up for the difference on Wednesday. Even if it’s a small one, especially while the store’s pushing sales and Easter goods. 

Manager of The Cedar Chest Bridget Martin told 22News, “This time of year, sales aren’t great. It’s not necessarily worth it for a store this size to be open on a day like yesterday.”

However, with stores open now, it’s a good time to take advantage before another storm hits.