Snow removal efforts continue in Northampton

Crews spent the day after clearing roads in residential areas.

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Snow removal crews are still fanned out across the city of Northampton on Wednesday. Their main focus today was scraping down roadways in residential areas, and making sure that catch basins are clear. DPW Director Donna Lascaleia says they’ll be out as long as necessary, with a full staff rotating over the next 24 hours.

22News found Gayle Pemberton shoveling the sidewalk near her home on West Street in Northampton. By the time we found her, she’d been shoveling for over an hour.

Pemberton has asked the DPW to have plows go slower on West Street because their speed has been pushing large piles of snow onto her property. “My sidewalk is just right here,” she said. “Mine is the only house really on this street that is this close to the roadway. My sidewalk is just always iced in.”

Those piles were nothing compared those on Main Street in Northamtpon. The towering mountains of snow have been creating bling spots for pedestrians and drivers.

The city says the soonest that they can move these piles would be tomorrow night. The snow is taken to a vacant lot located at the intersection of Finn and King streets.