More than 100 cars towed in Springfield

Parking bans are still in effect throughout western Mass.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Several parking bans were still in effect Wednesday night, and ignoring them could cost you, or worse, your car could be towed.

Springfield’s Department of Public Works Director Chris Cignoli told 22News the City towed 120 cars and police wrote more than 500 tickets.

Some residents said they’ve been moving their cars twice a day to keep up with the even and odd parking schedule, which they found to be especially inconvenient during the snow storm.

Raul Sanchez of Springfield said, “They told us to park on one side, two-three hours later, nobody came and shoveled and they gave us a ticket. And the next morning, when we wake up, we got another ticket. So I got two tickets, two days in a row.”

Parking bans in effect across western Massachusetts