Local restaurants impacted by Tuesday’s snow storm

Closing meant losing regular customers

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Many restaurants in western Massachusetts were closed on Tuesday because of the snow storm.

Nadim Kashouh, the owner of Nadim’s in downtown Springfield, said closing for the day isn’t money the restaurant can recoup. Closing meant losing regular customers and a private party on Tuesday, but Nadim’s cut back on losses by planning early.

Kashouh said he decided to close for the snow storm several days ahead of time, preparing less food to prevent any waste. He said opening when customers can’t come would cost them.

“It doesn’t pay to have the electricity on, the gas on, and the staff,” said Kashouh. “Even though we have kind of a skeleton crew, it doesn’t balance. The better call is just to shut it down.”

He said if the restaurant had to close for snow on a weekend, the impact on profit could have been even greater.

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