Commission considers whether Massachusetts should change time zones

Retailers support the move, saying it would boost sales.

BOSTON (WWLP) – “Spring forward, fall back,” is a phrase that helps you remember which way to move your clocks and when. But you may not have to if the state decides to keep daylight saving time year round.

The state’s special Commission to Explore Changing Time Zones is considering giving you an extra hour of daylight year round. Critics of the potential move say Massachusetts will need to get the entire New England region to move their clocks in order for the proposal to work. Retailers said the change could encourage more consumer spending at Massachusetts businesses and restaurants.

Retailers Association of Massachusetts President Jon Hurst told 22News that one hour can make a difference for small businesses, especially when people do most of their shopping in the evening and on weekends. “The consumer would be more incented to go out and shop and go out to dinner if you had those light hours later and year-round.”

The special commission is expected to decide later this month whether to recommend Massachusetts should change its time zone.