Clearing snow in western Massachusetts comes at a high cost

Holyoke's DPW hired dozens of contractors for Tuesday's cleanup

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Western Massachusetts communities spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to clear the snow each winter; and while some cities have already gone through all their snow-removal money, they remain committed to keeping their neighborhoods safe.

Even before Tuesday’s storm, Holyoke’s Department of Public Works said the City had already over-spent their $400,000 snow removal budget by $150,000. As snow piled up, residents told 22News it was worth the price.

Eddie Cabrera of Holyoke said, “There’s cars sliding, I’ve seen three accidents already you know, so it’s just more as cleaning it up so people are safe, not just worrying about your budget.”

Holyoke’s DPW Superintendent Mike McManus told 22News Tuesday’s storm cleanup would cost as much as $40,000. That’s about 1/8 of the $325,000 Springfield’s DPW said they’ll spend to clear the streets from Tuesday’s Nor’easter. McManus said it’s difficult to budget for something as unpredictable as weather.

Cory Houghton of Holyoke said, “I think it evens out over time. Other winters there’s not much snow and then this winter there’s a lot of snow. If their budget is that it probably averages over time.”

Holyoke’s DPW said they had to hire dozens of contractors for Tuesday’s cleanup. It’s not certain they’ll get any help from the state.

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