Smart Devices: Is your home hackable?

Documents exposed on WikiLeaks claim to hold details about secret techniques that exploit security vulnerabilities in our phones, TVs and other household devices.

(WFLA) Natasha Goodley controls much of everything in her house through her phone. She says it’s very convenient.

“To be able to track everything including my security cameras,” Goodley says.

Her bedroom lights, thermostat and door locks are all connected to the internet.

And she’s not alone. It’s called the internet of things, here anything with an on and off switch can potentially be connected online.

You’ll find internet-capable appliances, like refrigerators that have cameras to show you the inside when you’re not home. You can also go online on the fridge door. Even washers and dryers connect to cyberspace, and of course, smart TVs connect.

A recent Wikileaks document dump claims they are easily hackable.

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