Residents could face a fine for not shoveling sidewalks

Some residents started clearing sidewalks Tuesday during the storm so they don't face a fine

(WWLP) – Many residents in western Massachusetts must clear their sidewalks after the storm or face a fine.

Most towns give people 24 hours after a storm to remove snow from their sidewalks or face a fine of anywhere from around $10 to $50.

Sometimes those fines are for every day or even every hour passed the deadline that a homeowner hasn’t shoveled their sidewalk.

Some residents started trying to clear some of the snow early Tuesday to get ahead as it continued to pile up.

“We thought that we wouldn’t be able to get the snowblower to move if we didn’t come out now and that’s why we’re out here now and hoping there won’t be so much later on,” said Christie Callahan of Longmeadow.

In Springfield, residents have 48-hours after the storm to clear off sidewalks. First responders also recommend clearing off your fire hydrants following a storm, to make them easier to locate in case of an emergency.

To find out if you’re responsible for clearing sidewalks in your town, click here.