Most Northampton businesses closed, but some people venturing out anyway

Hotel Northampton was one of the only businesses open

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – While a snow day in March may be the perfect excuse to stay home, some people took the opportunity to get out and enjoy the day’s conditions.

22News encountered dozens of people getting out in downtown Northampton, walking in about a foot of snow. We asked a few people why they decided to venture outside in such snowy, windy, and cold conditions.

“Well, I walk my dog a couple of hours every day, and this is our first walk of the day. He’s so happy right now, it’s ridiculous,” Lon Goodman of Northampton said.

“We were feeling a little stir crazy, so we went outside to shovel and then walk into town to see what was open and if there’s anything to do, but there isn’t!” Tess Jergensen of Northampton said.

“It’s heavier snow than it looks like, so it was a lot of work. But the gym is closed, so we got our workout in!” said Shoshana Moriarty of Northampton.

One of the only places that was open in downtown Northampton Tuesday was the Hotel Northampton. A receptionist told 22News that they have 44 guests for the night. While that is a lot for a regular weekday, the hotel is only half-filled. They are keeping the restaurant open tonight as well.