MBTA considers ending weekend commuter rail service for year

The proposal would eliminate those additional rides

(AP Photo/Josh Reynolds)

BOSTON (AP) — The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is considering eliminating weekend commuter rail service for a year to help close a $42 million budget gap.

The Boston Globe reports the transportation agency is also considering ending thousands of door-to-door rides for disabled passengers for a year.

Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack said cuts are needed to help stabilize the MBTA’s finances.

Gov. Charlie Baker described the proposal as a “menu of options.”

The proposal is expected to meet resistance from riders, including advocates for the disabled who rely on the paratransit service known as the Ride.

The service is mandated by the federal government, but the MBTA goes beyond that requirement.

The proposal would eliminate those additional rides.

Activists say the change could make it harder for disabled riders to keep medical appointments.


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