Forest Park residents working to clear snow

People told 22News they'll have to keep shoveling into Tuesday evening

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – People in Forest Park have been shoveling all afternoon Tuesday.

The main roads in Springfield have had plows moving through pretty regularly, but some of the side streets in Forest Park are still slippery.  However, not a lot of driving is going in Tuesday night.

When our 22News crew got to Forest Park late Tuesday afternoon, the roads were not clear, and caused some sliding for our vehicle. A plow did come through later on, but plows don’t appear to be going through Forest Park as regularly as some of the main streets in Springfield.

Some resents said Longhill Street going in to Forest Park was giving them some trouble, but that road was fairly cleared when 22News drove through.

There have been very few cars on the road Tuesday, with plows making up most of the traffic. There have been a few residents out shoveling and snow blowing to keep up with the snowfall throughout the day.

People told 22News they’ll have to keep shoveling into Tuesday evening.

Springfield Department of Public Works said in a meeting with the mayor Monday that it takes crews 10-12 hours after the snow stops to completely clear all of the city’s roads.