Heavy snow and high winds could lead to messy morning commute

Governor Charlie Baker warned that this won't be your typical winter event

BOSTON (WWLP) – Massachusetts is bracing for what could be the biggest snowstorm of the season. Governor Charlie Baker warned that this won’t be your typical winter event.

He said, “The storm is going to start and when it starts it’s going to snow hard and it’s going to snow quickly, and it’s going to create very treacherous circumstances and conditions in many parts of Massachusetts.”

The central and western part of the state are expected to be hit the hardest. This storm could drop more than one foot of snow on parts of Western Massachusetts.

The morning and evening commutes will be significantly impacted by snow-covered roads and high winds, which can cause white out conditions. Governor Baker is urging drivers to stay off the roads, but if you must drive, don’t crowd the plows. The state Department of Transportation will have four-thousand pieces of equipment out treating and clearing state roads.

“We’ll begin to pre-treat the roads. We started on Friday before Friday’s storm. There’s still a nice base out there from that, but we’re going to begin treating that again all day today getting ready for tomorrow,” said state Highway Administrator Tom Tinlin.

Heavy winds could lead to power outages. State officials said if you see a downed wire, stay far away from it and call utilities.

Governor Baker is urging people to check on elderly family members and neighbors during Tuesday’s winter storm.