Funeral services held for Warwick fire victims

Five family members were laid to rest in Turners Falls Saturday

TURNERS FALLS, Mass. (WWLP) – The funeral for the five family members killed in a deadly Franklin county fire in Warwick, was held Saturday morning in Turner Falls.

It was a somber Saturday morning as five members of the Seago family were laid to rest. They died when their Warwick home burned to the ground last week. Going from a family of seven to a family of two in the blink of an eye.

Robert Sulda of Turners Falls said “it’s very tragic, I’ve never seen anything like it”.

Friends and family gathered to remember Lucinda Seago and her children Martin, Demetria, Peter and Nicholas at Our Lady of Czestochowa Church in Turners Falls. Seago’s husband and daughter survived the fire, accidentally started by the family’s wood stove.

Sulda said, I’m sure they’ll hang on to each other dearly for the rest of their lives because of what’s happened to them. Purely tragic”.

Ann Lewin of Turners Falls said, “I don’t know what they’ll do. I do think it’s fortunate that they belong to the church and the church seems to be solid. I guess they’ll just do the best they can day to day”.

The Seago children ranged in age from seven to fifteen. They enjoyed sledding and computers. Origami and math. Two of the boys were altar servers at their church in Turners Falls, where friends and family gathered for their funeral Saturday. Parishioners are pulling together after the tragedy to support the surviving family members.

Peter Dowdy of Gill is a member of the congregation. He said, “Very very sad. But they’re taking good care of the two survivors. Providing food, and just like meeting with them, and praying for them”.

In the sea of mourners there to pay their respects Saturday morning were a number of students. The Seago children attended Warwick community school and Pioneer Valley Regional School. Parents said they couldn’t imagine the pain the family is going through.

Brent Walker said, “My son went to school with the kids, and it’s a very sad day for everybody. I can’t imagine. It’ll be very sad”.

More than $65,000 was raised for the surviving members of the Seago family as of Saturday afternoon, and community members said the father and daughter have a safe place to stay.