Lawsuit challenging Wynn casino decision will proceed

The Gambling Commission refutes charges that they violated any laws during licensing deliberations.

Photo Courtesy: MGNonline

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts’ highest court has ruled a lawsuit challenging Wynn’s gambling license can move forward.

The Supreme Judicial Court on Friday concluded a lower court should consider whether the state Gaming Commission violated the open meetings law as it deliberated the Boston-area casino license. It ultimately picked Wynn over Mohegan Sun in 2014.  The court said such a violation could nullify actions taken at the meetings, or result in civil penalties or other legal remedies.

The court also affirmed Mohegan Sun is entitled to some form of judicial review but not the city of Revere or a local labor union, which had also challenged the Wynn decision. The commission says its licensing process was “comprehensive, fair and highly transparent” and will be “vigorously” defended in court.  Mohegan Sun didn’t immediately comment.