What should drivers do during a traffic stop?

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – An Illinois law mandates all driver’s education classes teach students what to do during a traffic stop with police.

Although it’s not a state law in Massachusetts, guidelines on interacting with police are included in the state driving manual all student drivers are given. Young drivers are expected to read the state’s driving manual given to them before their driving exam.

It includes pointers such as keeping your hands on the steering wheel, or whether you should tell the officer you’re reaching for your license and registration. If your license and registration aren’t in the glove box or on the passenger’s side, let the officer know where you’ll need to get those.

Northampton police Captain John Cartledge says it’s better to over-communicate. “Having an open line of communication and having new drivers especially know what police want for their safety, and for our safety, is really helpful.”

Drivers should also let officers know if you’re carrying any weapons in your car, or have any marijuana that’s sealed in the glove compartment.