Spring-like weather means an early return for Lyme disease

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The warm weather is nice to take advantage of if you want to get outside, but even though it is nicer for people outside, it is also nicer for bugs.

Warm weather generally brings out more bugs, and after a mild winter here in western Massachusetts, insects are coming out more quickly, especially ticks.

With more ticks, there is an increased chance of an earlier spread of Lyme disease. While you should take precautions when you go outside, the disease can also get inside your house, just from a single mouse.

“These mice get into people’s homes, seeing a lot of these mice in people’s homes here in western Massachusetts, and they are coming in with ticks on them, so they are bringing that virus into your home,” explained Bob Russell, an entomologist with American Pest Solutions.

If you do hiking outside and even take your dog, you must make sure you stay on the paths and not wander into high grass. That is where the ticks generally can be found. Also, you can wear long pants when hiking, to prevent ticks from getting on your skin.