Ground warming, but it’s frozen just below the surface

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Temperatures may be warmer lately, but much of the ground is still frozen solid.

If you step on your grass or on the soil, you may be noticing that the top of the ground is starting to feel a bit soft, because it is not as frozen as it was. It can, however, be helpful to know the temperature of the soil two inches below the surface, if you are interested in doing any digging or planting.

Indeed, at just two inches down into the ground, it is rock solid frozen. In the lower Pioneer Valley, soil temperatures at 2” deep are in the 20s, and it is even colder over the Berkshires, where 2” soil temperatures are in the low teens. It is going to be a while before we can warm up the ground above freezing down to significant depths.

Typical last frost/freeze dates for some communities:

  • Westfield: May 8
  • Amherst: May 8
  • Chicopee: May 9
  • North Adams: May 13
  • Greenfield: May 14

The farther north and west you are, the later your typical last night below freezing. Once we get past mid-May, we are usually frost-free until the fall.