Discarded needles found around town in Northfield

Eight needles found on Main Street last week, others found elsewhere

NORTHFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Police in the Franklin County town of Northfield are warning residents that they have been noticing hypodermic needles left all over town.

Chief Rob Leighton posted on the department’s Facebook page last week that a resident found eight needles along Main Street. He said that it has unfortunately become a common occurrence.

Leighton warns to call the police department if you come across a needle.

“There’s been a considerable increase in the number of needles we’ve been finding around town, along Main Street, sometimes on the sidewalks, in parking lots, and along the roadway. What we’re asking that they do is contact our department, and we will come and retrieve them and make sure they are properly disposed of,” Leighton said.

The chief also asks that parents talk to their children about the dangers of touching needles.