Warwick residents mourning the loss of five victims killed in a house fire

Warwick is a town with less than 800 residents

WARWICK, Mass. (WWLP)- Little remains of the home at 405 Richmond Road in Warwick where a fire killed a mother and four children.

The Northwestern District Attorney’s Office told 22News, 42 year old Lucinda Seago and four of her children died in the house fire. They were just 7, 9, 12, and 15 years old. The father and a fifth child were able to escape and were taken to a hospital in Keene, New Hampshire. They’re expected to survive.

“I feel really sorry for them and I can’t imagine what the son and father will be going through in the coming days, weeks and months,” said Charles Lisowski of Warwick.

The deadly fire started just before 1 a.m. Saturday morning at the home at 405 Richmond Road in Warwick. When firefighters got here, the home was already engulfed in flames. The mother and children all died in the fire. The State Fire Marshal said that the wood burning stove in the kitchen is a possible cause.

“It’s terribly sad. My heart goes out to them. I heat with a wood stove too and it got me thinking,” said Hugh Connolly of Belchertown.

Warwick is a small town, with less than 800 residents. Town Coordinator David Young told 22News the parents worked in town government.

“That’s how small of a town it is I mean people do get to know each other quite quickly especially if you’re in town government or the church”, said Warwick resident, Charles Lisowski.

16 local fire departments all helped put the fire out. There are no fire hydrants on Richmond Road so water had to be brought in.