Sleepy? You’re not alone

Study finds many Americans aren't getting enough sleep.

(NBC News) Just as we’re springing forward to Daylight Saving Time, a recent study shows 75-percent of all americans are missing at least one day of work each a year just to catch up on sleep. Some are missing as many as five days.

Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus says the most common obstacle to sleeping well is stress.

“One of the biggest things my patients tell me is they can’t turn off their brain at night, and that can have a pretty big effect on your ability to not only fall asleep, but to get into deep sleep,” Dr. Breus explains.

He also says not having the right mattress, sheet, pillow or lighting and sound can interrupt sleep.

Drinking caffeine and alcohol too close to bedtime can also have an impact.

The best bet for good sleep is going to bed and waking up the same time every day.

“The more consistent you are with that, the more your brain knows when to sleep,” Dr. Breus notes.

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