Revised Executive Order on Travel Ban

President Trump signed a new executive order that temporarily stops people from six Muslim-majority countries

(WWLP) – President Trump has signed a new executive order, revising his original travel ban.

Springfield’s Catholic Charities is helping 50 refugees come to Northampton.

President Trump signed a new executive order on Monday that temporarily stops people from 6 Muslim-majority countries from coming to the U-S for 90 days if they don’t have visas.

This new order addresses legal issues that arose from the original order, which is currently being held up in federal court.

Sean Spicer said, “Certain countries and certain areas of the world produce people that seek to do harm, and we’ve gotta make sure that those people undergo a certain amount of vetting before they come into our country. So I think there’s a big difference between the religion and the location.”

Monday’s new order removes Iraq from the list. The executive order was expected to come out last week, but after President Trump’s address to Congress, the White House wanted to separate the announcement.

What isn’t clear is what’s happening to the old executive order. Since it’s in the court’s hands, it’s possible it could be revoked.

Spicer says the two orders could continue on a dual track. The new order could once again temporarily stop Springfield Catholic Charities from bringing the remaining six or seven refugee families Northampton was promised.

Jere Smith noted, “When they hear the word “refugee”, they think “terrorist” but it’s the opposite. They’re trying to get away from the same people that we don’t want to have doing bad things to us.”

So far, 2 families have made it to western Massachusetts successfully with the original order under review.  The order will be phased in over the next 2 weeks.