Immigration arrest shocks attorneys

ICE agents arrest undocumented man at Texas courthouse when he arrives for hearing on unrelated case.

(KXAN) An Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent arrested an undocumented man at Texas’ Travis County Courthouse Friday, something attorneys say they have never seen before.

The man who was arrested, Juan Carlos Coronilla-Guerrero, 27, had previously been released from custody on February 1, when the county’s new immigration policy went into effect.

City Council members Greg Casar and Delia Garza said in a joint statement that the presence of ICE officials in a courthouse “harms our overall public safety.” They continued, “This will have a chilling effect on our judicial branch of government’s ability to operate effectively,” explaining that people will fear going to court dates as victims, witnesses or defendants.

“When families live in fear, we all lose,” the council members said. Garza says families who are fearful of attending scheduled court appearances could face “dire consequences” like losing custody of their children or obtaining a restraining order from an abusive spouse.

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