East Windsor residents held a forum on the proposed casino

More than 100 people attended the meeting

EAST WINDSOR, Conn. (WWLP) – Some residents are doing all they can to stop a third Connecticut casino from opening.

Most East Windsor residents at the meeting Monday night said they don’t want a casino in their town 22News also found Massachusetts residents there to support their cause.

“Why are people going to want to go to the casino here when there is a destination casino just 14 minutes away?,” Community Organizer Brianna Stronk said.

The Coalition Against Casino Expansion hosted the meeting, which attracted more than 100 people.

“How much tax revenue are they really going to provide at that point? And would crime soar in this area? We definitely don’t need more of that,” said Darlene Tardif, of East Windsor.

The town’s board of selectmen approved the casino proposal in February. A petition has more than 300 signatures, 100 more than what’s needed to force a referendum vote.

“Just about every other town in our state would get a referendum on this. Just across the river in Windsor Locks they were going to get a referendum, Springfield got a referendum. The entire state of Massachusetts got a referendum. That’s what I would love to see here,” Stronk said.

A Palmer resident who rallied to stop Mohegan Sun from opening a casino there back in 2014, offered her support.

“We really didn’t think we had a snow balls chance in hell of beating Mohegan Sun. Our group kind of grew from practically nothing into a powerful force that stopped the casino,” said Charlotte Burns, of Palmer.

East Windsor did hold public meetings prior to approving the casino. It would still need state approval before being finalized.