Dog owner charged after waiting to euthanize

Rhode Island man charged with unnecessary cruelty after waiting too long to euthanize his ailing 18-year-old pit bull.

(WJAR) The Rhode Island SPCA has charged the owner of an 18-year-old pit bull mix named “X” with “unnecessary cruelty.”

It’s not because he heartlessly abused the dog, but because he loved the dog so much, he couldn’t accept or act on the fact that the dog needed to be euthanized long before the dog couldn’t walk anymore, was emaciated, had bed sores, and was semi-comatose.

“We can’t turn a blind eye on something like this and just let it pass because of sympathy,” said E.J. Finocchio, of the Rhode Island SPCA.

Carlos Catano of East Providence, according to Finocchio, finally brought “X” to Ocean State Veterinary Services, which contacted the SPCA.

Finocchio said he had no choice but to read Catano his rights, then called the East Providence Police. “Letting go is very, very difficult,” said Finocchio.

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