Springfield business says parking not properly enforced

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Parking spaces missing meters in downtown Springfield are causing complaints from business owners.

The Springfield Parking Authority has committed to install those missing meters back on Main Street in about two weeks, but business owners say there’s another problem.

“People come in here and they park all day and they just feed the meter. They don’t even have to come in person to feed it you can do over the phone on the app,” said Nadim Kashouh, the owner of Nadim’s Mediterranean Grill in Springfield.

10 spaces in a high-traffic area of Springfield’s downtown are missing meters.

The spaces causing a problem for business owners are along Main Street. They don’t have any parking meters because they were vandalized and had to be removed.

The spaces are right in front of Nadim’s Mediterranean Grill.

“It became a parking lot. Now you park all day. Nobody tickets you. Nobody bothers you. So as a customer you come into my restaurant, there’s no place for you to park,” said Kashouh.

The spaces may not have meters, but they are still subject to a two-hour limit. Something Nadim says is not being enforced. Parking Authority Interim Executive Director Thomas Moore told 22News the limit is enforced, and they’ll have the meters installed tomorrow and next Saturday.

“The meter enforcement agents will go out and check the meters themselves but they will also time mark the cars. They usually check the tires of a vehicle and then go back later to see if the vehicle has been moved for somebody trying to avoid the two-hour limitation,” said Moore.

Moore apologized to affected business owners but said there’s nothing illegal about moving your car just to pull back into the same spot – resetting the limit.

Moore told 22News there was a backlog on ordering the new meters and getting them in to be ready for installation.