How can ‘Executive Functions’ help you?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Executive Functions help you attain your goals and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Tim Hope shared how they work.

Executive Functions

from Russ Barkley, PhD
1. Impulse control
How we monitor, inhibit situation-inappropriate behavior, and initiate task-appropriate behavior
2. Emotional control
How we monitor, inhibit situation-inappropriate affect and emoitons, and initiate emoiton regulation strategies, as appropriate
3. Flexible thinking
Helping ourselves see black, white, as well as all the colors in between
4. Working memory
How we acquire, hold on to, store, and retrieve information
5. Self-monitoring
This is the overarching view of how we see ourselves doing across multiple spheres of functioning
6. Planning and prioritizing
How we organizing information and task and prioritize them based on our needs and goals
7. Task initiation
How we get started on tasks
8. Organization
How we keep everything at our fingertips, both mentally and physically