Auditor Bump talks cyber security at UMass Amherst

Auditor says her office's research is helpful in creating public policy.

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – State Auditor Suzanne Bump was at UMass Amherst Friday afternoon to talk about what her department does, and how it may help the college’s School of Public Policy.

Bump told the group that audits of government agencies helps promote effective and efficient management of resources. The results of audits also provides information that is essential in creating public policy.

She came to UMass to talk about forming partnerships with different departments at the school to share information.  “We’re very good at researching. We have the ways of pulling in all of this data. But, we would like to be able to perhaps be more helpful in the recommendations that we can make and that’s where the expertise of the folks here can enrich our work,” said Bump.

Another topic she focused on was the importance of public agencies, including schools, to increase efforts to protect their technological assets (computers,servers,etc) from loss or theft; and also the importance of protecting their digital data from unauthorized access.  The Auditor’s office recently created an IT audit unit exclusively focused on conducting audits of the IT infrastructure and cyber security protocols of state agencies.  This audit unit recently released their first audit on Recommendations to Strengthen MassHousing’s IT Infrastructure.