Play-Doh manufacturing bringing 50 new jobs to East Longmeadow

Cartamundi says they have increased employment at plant since they acquired it in 2015

EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – The decision to begin manufacturing Play-Doh at Cartamundi’s facility in East Longmeadow has already resulted in the addition of some 30 jobs, and will ultimately bring in 20 more.

Hasbro bringing Play-Doh production to East Longmeadow

Rhode Island-based Hasbro, which owns the Play-Doh brand, formerly ran the East Longmeadow plant, but in 2015 sold it to Cartamundi, which continues to manufacture Hasbro board games there, including Monopoly, Operation, and Clue. Play-Doh is currently being produced overseas, but Hasbro recently decided to return the manufacture of some Play-Doh products to the United States.

“We do not own any of our manufacturing, but source product from a global network of vendor partners. This model allows us to make adjustments as opportunities arise. While each regional production situation is a bit different, we are able to produce Play-Doh for almost the same cost globally,” Hasbro Chairman and CEO Brian Goldner said.

In a news release sent to 22News by Cartamundi, the company says that they have increased employment in East Longmeadow by 13.5% since acquiring the plant from Hasbro. They hired an additional 30 employees in anticipation of the new production, and will hire 20 more once they are up and running. In total (including seasonal workers), Cartamundi will employ 580 people in East Longmeadow.