Men posing as National Grid workers stole from Monson home

Police say they lured victims outside, while one suspect went inside to steal jewelry

MONSON, Mass. (WWLP) – Police in Monson are advising residents to be on the lookout for two men who posed as power company workers in order to steal jewelry from a home.

The department posted on their official Facebook page that the crime took place late Tuesday afternoon at a home on Palmer Road. Two men approached the residents’ home claiming to be from National Grid. One of the men was wearing a reflective vest, had a plastic ID badge hanging from his belt, and was carrying a walkie talkie.

The men told the residents that they needed to take them to their backyard so that they can check property lines for the installation of lighting. While the homeowners were distracted outside, one of the two men went inside the house through the unlocked front door, and stole jewelry. The residents did not realize what had happened until both men were gone.

The suspect with the vest and the badge is described as a well-groomed, short, heavyset Hispanic man. The second suspect was a tall, thin, poorly groomed Hispanic man with a “poor” complexion. If you see the suspects or encounter similar activity in your neighborhood, you are asked to call 911.