Denver Zoo welcomes a baby giraffe no one is talking about

(Denver Zoo/Facebook)

DENVER (WDTN) — It’s a baby giraffe – just not the one everyone has been waiting on.

The Denver Zoo welcomed the birth of Dobby, a 5-foot, 73-pound male reticulated giraffe Wednesday morning.

Both small figures for a newborn giraffe, according to the zoo.

In an announcement they tweeted, “Surprise! We recently welcomed Dobby, our newest reticulated giraffe. No #giraffecam here but we’ve got some pretty great pics! #babyanimals”

Dobby wasn’t initially nursing so the staff fed the infant and provided critical care in his first hours of life to get him back on track.

According to the Brian Aucone, Denver Zoo Senior Vice President for Animal Care & Conservation, “He’s nursing and we are feeling good about his health.”


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