College students push for state investment in higher education

College students told 22News that the state could be investing more money in higher education.

BOSTON (WWLP) – Hundreds of college students and education advocates from across Massachusetts visited the State House on Wednesday. They urged state lawmakers to invest more in public higher education.

The state has cut $200 million in funding for public higher education over the last sixteen years. Education advocates are calling on state lawmakers to support the “Finish Line Grant,” part of a bill that would provide one year of free tuition for students after their first year if their family income falls below $125,000.

Holyoke Community College student Chloe Soto said that grants like this could help lift students out of poverty. “Through my education, I figured out I want to help my people. I want to help women of color. I want to help children in urban areas to elevate themselves,” she said. “And I want to do that by example.”

More than 100 state lawmakers have voiced support for the Finish Line Grant. Ask Your Legislators to Support the Finish Line Grant.

College students pushing Massachusetts lawmakers for free tuition