Family returns to damaged Goshen home after storm

3 generations of families lived their summers in destroyed the Pine Rd. cottage.

Image Courtesy: Goshen Fire Department

GOSHEN, Mass. (WWLP) – For the past 46 years, 41 Pine Rd. in Goshen was a home away from home for the Kisiel family. The house was bought in 1970 by Frank and Gladys Turner, who’ve recently passed away. They used the cottage as their snowmobile base as they played in the snow each winter. As their family grew 3 generations, so did the memories.

It’s where their granddaughter Tara Furkey learned to fish, bake, and swim in the lake nearby with her grandmother. It’s where she was even proposed to. Furkey told 22News, “I can remember sitting in that living room through many a bad thunderstorm, listening to grandma and grandpa said, ‘None of the trees are ever going to fall on the house!'”

But that’s exactly what happened Saturday night, and Tara was the first in the family to see the damage Tuesday afternoon. She gave 22News an exclusive look inside at the damage. There were broken dishes strewn on the floor, cabinets blown open and out of the wall, and the back door to the laundry room was missing. The metal roof had several holes in it and water damage.

Tara told 22News the house was put up for sale shortly before her grandparents passed away. Though mother nature is to blame for the accident, she said her family is taking it as a sign from their grandparents.

“Part of me looks at it and says, maybe this is grandma and grandpa’s way of saying goodbye to us,” Furkey said, “and that it’s okay to leave the cottage, and that our time is done with it.”

Meanwhile, local farmers were taking down leaning trees across the street that were uprooted during Saturday’s storm. Rob Judd, who was removing the trees, told 22News it’s to prevent future accidents. “We’re looking at about 30% of the root system that’s uprooted here,” said Judd. “That’s all it’s going to take to finish this off.”

Though Tara realizes it’s only a house, she said it’s years of memories that have made it a home that will be deeply missed.

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