“Taken” arrives on NBC

Actor Clive Standen discusses taking on the action role Liam Neeson made famous in the new television adaptation of "Taken".

(NBC) The idea of playing a younger, TV series version of Liam Neeson’s character from the “Taken” film franchise was not a slam dunk for actor Clive Standen.

When his agents first sent the pilot script, Standen ignored it.

“They said, ‘What did you think of Taken’, and I said, ‘Same old, car chases, explosions, not really my cup of tea,'” Standen recalls.

Everything changed when they convinced him to read it.

He was enthralled by the new take on the character of Bryan Mills.

“It’s the story of this man with the particular set of skills. But he hasn’t got these skills yet. It’s him at the beginning of his career,” Standen explains.

Standen also got valuable advice on the role from Neeson himself.

“He was really nice. He just gave me permission to make it my own and run with it. Just not to forget about the heart of Bryan Mills. He’s an everyman,” Standen says.

“Taken” premieres tonight on 22News at 10:00 p.m.

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