“A Cure For Wellness”

Junior executive Dane DeHaan is off to a creepy Swiss Sanatorium

3 stars

Rated R

2 Hours 25 Minutes

Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth

It’s been my experience that some of the most outrageous thrillers can be the most fun. “A Cure For Wellness” is so over the top, you’ve got to admire its audacity.

The head of a major corporation disappears, leaving behind a cryptic message: ”Only when we know what ails us, can we find a cure”.

Unable to decipher the gibberish, Junior executive Dane DeHaan is off to a creepy Swiss Sanatorium to track down the missing captain of industry, whose supposedly taken leave of his senses.

DeHaan unexpectedly finds himself caught up in a web of intrigue. Not to mention reluctantly becoming a patient in this soon to become apparent, medical house of horrors.

Complete with the sinister villain in a white coat, that the slick and smarmy Jason Isaacs plays with delectable relish, which prompts his reluctant patient to either make a rapid recovery or claim his insurance just ran out. Actually, it’s doubtful insurance pays for the exotic treatments at this Sanatorium from hell. DeHaan doubts he’ll survive the treatment prescribed by Professor Isaacs.

After just one hour into this two and a half hour orgy of excess, it becomes clear, “A Cure For Wellness” suffers from a terminal case of overkill. But since “A Cure For Wellness” is never the least bit boring, I feel so much better dispensing 3 stars. This film is strictly for the adventurous moviegoer.