Help your dog lose weight

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – If your dog becomes overweight or obese, he may be at risk for some serious health threats. Jim Helems, Owner of Jim Helms Dog Pals in Southampton, shared important tips for pet owners.

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How can I tell if my dog is over weight?
If you cannot feel his or her ribs easily
Use Body Condition Score Or Hill’s Body Fat Index Charts
BIF only

What should their weight be?
Weight will vary between breeds
Weight can vary even in the same breed
One way to estimate what your pet should way in using the Hill’s Body Fat Index Charts
Your vet may give you a recommendation, but that might not be as accurate.

Why is my dog over weight?
Not enough exercise
Over feeding

Should I put them on a diet?
No. In many cases simply feed less of the same food
Exercise your dog more
Fewer high calorie treats
Change to a dog food with less calories per cup

My dog always seems hungry, what can I do?
Give food items to help make them feel full with little to no calories
Green beans

Should I increase my dog’s exercise?
Yes. Can help to lose weight
Increase life expectancy
Less chance of injuries

Should I talk to my Vet?
Yes. You should always discuss changes with your veterinarian
Weight gain can be disease related

Could the weight gain be disease related?
Yes – here a few:
Cushing’s disease
Pituitary gland and brain diseases