Veteran’s PTSD Facebook video causing controversy

Hernandez said his humor is helping some veterans cope

(CNN/WZTV) – Drew Hernandez is a veteran turned comedian; “Don’t be the guy known for having PTSD.”

His video is getting thousands of likes and shares. “PTSD for guys is like chicks whenever they’re hormonal before period is about to drop, sensitive to information, don’t want to be bothered and attitude sucks, check out, don’t be b**** get over it, you’re not the only one.”

Navy Veteran Joe Schmitt isn’t laughing; “As someone who suffers from PTSD, I could see a video like this taking someone who is already on the edge in crisis mode, and being pushed over the edge because now their condition is completely being minimized.”

Hernandez, who served 5 years active duty, said the videos aren’t for everyone. “When I was in Iraq I put a pistol in my mouth. I’ve been through it, I understand it. I struggle personally with PTSD so I understand. So when you watch this video you’ve got to take it for what it is.”

Hernandez said his humor is helping some veterans cope. “They’re both sides of the spectrum. I know it helps people and I know it’s making people mad, but that’s not something I can’t control.”

Others call it a setback to a stigma they’re fighting to overcome. “I think this particular video may interfere with people actually going seeking care for PTSD, that’s just me,” said Schmitt.