Millions face deportation under Trump plan

Homeland Security officials say mass round-ups won't be part of new Trump immigration orders, but millions still face deportation.

(NBC News) Homeland Security officials insist there will be no mass round-ups under President Donald Trump’s new immigration orders, but the new initiative does mean that millions could now be deported.

The new immigration enforcement plan is extensive, aggressive and frightening for millions across the country.

“Anybody who is undocumented, whether they’re going to the grocery store, whether they’re dropping off their kids to school, at any given day they could be deported,” says Kamal Essaheb of the National Immigration Law Center.

The Trump administration wants to hire 15,000 additional federal agents to help enforce the new regulations.

Those include:

– An end to so-called catch and release: Those detained at the border will now be held until their court hearings.

– Anyone illegally in the country for less than two years will be immediately deported. The time frame used to be two weeks.

– Adults who pay human smugglers to bring their children into the country illegally will be prosecuted or expelled.

“Dreamers”, children already here illegally, will be allowed to stay, continuing an initiative that was part of an order signed by president obama five years ago.

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