Mild temperatures could cause plants to bloom early

Fruit trees are the most susceptible to damage caused by a return to freezing temperatures.

SHELBURN, Mass. (WWLP) – Due to the recent mild temperatures, some plants are getting into “spring mode” and beginning to bud, but this can have a bad result if temperatures take a plunge.

With temperatures in the 50s and 60s, plants are getting ready for an early spring, even if that is not really the case. If you see buds on fruit trees already, these are the plants you should be most worried about.

22News went to Shelburne Farm and Garden to find out how this might hurt developing crops. The store’s owner Pat said that the amount of damage “depends how far they get along and how cold we get at night. We won’t know the damage until we get to spring, until they start opening up.”

There isn’t anything a homeowner or gardener can do if you see trees budding early. If you do, keep a close eye out during the spring to check for any damage.

More above average temperatures are expected throughout this week.