Homeowners leave racist graffiti up in protest

When she first found the "n-word" painted on her garage door, Heather Lindsay says she was stunned

(Credit: CNN)

(CNN) – An interracial couple is facing fines for not removing racist graffiti from their Connecticut home.

The city of Stamford says it’s a blight violation. However, the homeowner said she is taking a stand, leaving the n-word spray painted on their garage until police figure out who put it there.

When she first found the “n-word” painted on her garage door, Heather Lindsay says she was stunned.

Heather Lindsay, the Homeowner said, “I couldn’t believe it. It’s just an indication of how we’ve been treated in the neighborhood.” But now, five weeks later, the vandalism remains, in spite of a blight order to paint over it.

The city even offered to do the work free of charge. Lindsay’s attorney says the slur will stay until Stamford police step-up efforts to solve the case.

Andre Cayo, the Homeowners’ Attorney noted, “I don’t think there’s any investigation. If there was an investigation, she would not have been sighted for blight.” Lindsay is now being fined 100 dollars a day.

Heather said, “I did receive multiple blight notices and that has accumulated to 600 dollars.” Stamford’s public safety director insists there has been a full investigation but there were no witnesses to the vandalism.

Complicating matters? The city was already foreclosing on the house for a *different* blight case back in 2013 for this dilapidated deck and sagging gutter.

Lindsay’s lawyer said fines in that case have now reached over $100,000. Lindsay’s attorney is demanding that case be dropped too.

The Attorney noted, “Purge the 600 dollars and the 130 thousand dollar blight that they already placed on her house.”

The couple says the graffiti has been there since the Saturday before Martin Luther King Day.