Doctor reunites with wife stuck by travel ban

Questions still remain when planning for their future

(Credit: CNN/WCVB)

(CNN) – Welcomed by the warm embrace of loved ones, Dorsa Razi is finally reunited with her family.

Her husband, Omid Moghimi, is a resident in internal medicine at Dartmouth Medical Center in New Hampshire and was born in the U.S. with dual citizenship in Iran. His childhood friend and Iranian born wife Dorsa was kept from entering the country because of President Trump’s executive order that temporarily stopped immigrants from seven majority Muslim countries from entering the U.S., which includes Iran.

The married couple of little more than a year was stuck in limbo and worlds apart.

Moghimi said, “We were trying to figure out, honestly, to the extent of would I have to eventually leave the country so that I could be with my wife.”

When the courts ruled the ban unconstitutional, it literally opened the door to this reunion.

Even though they are back together, these newlyweds admit questions still remain when planning for the future.

Moghimi noted, “If my wife wants to go back to Iran, if she wants to have her parents come and visit, everything is still very uncertain.”