“Defending” against President Trump’s handshake

One inventor created the Donald Trump handshake robot

(CNN) – Chances are you’ll never shake the hand of President Donald Trump, but with all the recent coverage of his bizarre grab and yank handshake technique, some are getting defensive.

For instance, one instructor at a Columbus, Ohio martial arts academy demonstrated a wrist lock that the president’s Supreme Court nominee obviously didn’t deploy.

Canada’s prime minister managed to thwart the grab and yank without resorting to a wrist lock.

An inventor who specializes in useless inventions created the Donald Trump handshake robot so he could test various anti-grab and yank measures. The robot is timed to yank randomly to keep the element of surprise. When none of the techniques worked, he opted to fit the robot for a fist bump.

But perhaps the most mesmerizing re-creation of the presidential handshake was done by Anders Ryttar, a CGI artist in Sweden. When asked how long he spent making the animation, Ryttar responded, “About 3 hours including feeding the chickens and eating some lunch.”

Even Harry Potter author JK Rowling re-tweeted it.