Travel agencies bounce back

Experts say customer service and less stress are reasons online travel sites are losing ground to traditional travel agencies.

(NBC News) Travel booking sites put a world of options at your fingertips…maybe too many. Online overload is one reason brick and mortar travel agencies are making a comeback.

“I can lose some of that stress of knowing everything will be taken care of,” says travel agency customer Luke Lang.

That’s a major reason more customers are coming through the doors of Mann Travels.

“A good travel professional will find out what you want and do everything for you,” says Mann marketing director Roni Fishkin.

Still, that personalized service comes at a cost, usually $25 to $300 depending on the travel needs. Often those fees can be offset by agents’ access to special deals. Those travel agency connections can also get you perks like complimentary extras or a better room.

One other benefit: Someone to help you 24/7 if you run into any problems.

“We protect you from the beginning of the process, working with me, to the day you come back in town,” says travel specialist Pam Smith.

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