“Student Strike for Sanctuary” held at UMass Amherst

Event was held as part of national "general strike"

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – More than 100 University of Massachusetts students decided not to go to class Friday, and instead opted to attend a “teach-in,” as part of a national day of protest.

The protest, which supporters are calling a “general strike,” is being held nationwide in protest of the Trump Administration. The UMass event was dubbed the “Student Strike for Sanctuary,” and was held at the Student Union.

Some university professors also participated, by speaking to students about U.S. immigration policy historically, and the changes made under President Trump.

The strike Friday was organized by the UMass Amherst Sanctuary Campus Movement.

“We’re asking people who normally go to their classes to actually attend our teach-ins today. Many of our teach-ins are being led by UMass professors, so it’s an alternate form of education today,” strike organizer Anna-Claira Steffen said.

Friday’s strike comes one day after many businesses across the country closed to show the impact of immigrants in the country. Steffen said they plan to hold more strikes in the future, including a women’s strike on March 8.

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