DATELINE: “Return to Manitowoc County”

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(NBC) – You’re probably familiar with the Steven Avery case, which has gotten worldwide attention via the Netflix show ‘Making A Murderer.’ Avery had been wrongfully convicted of rape in 1985 and freed from prison. Then later convicted of murdering a young photographer. Dateline has been following the case for more than a decade… Here’s a preview of tonight’s Dateline.

For his interrogation of Brendan Dassey, now seen by millions, Tom Fassbender has come under fire in court and online.

Those officers wanted that information in the worst way and they got it in the worst way by feeding it straight to Brendan Dassey.

Fassbender denies that his expressions of sympathy for Dassey were manipulative.

“I legitimately was concerned for him. // that wasn’t staged. That wasn’t strategy”. Tom Fassbender

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