The weather is causing potholes to become more of a problem

Potholes can cause damage to your car

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) –   The snow we had last week and this past weekend made for some slippery driving conditions. Now the snow is melting and another problem is occurring.

The weather is also responsible for causing potholes to form.

Potholes form when water gets into cracks in the pavement and then freezes. The ice expands and the pavement rises. As traffic drives over the raised pavement it eventually breaks off forming a pothole.

Some people don’t think the potholes we’re seeing right now are any worse than normal.

“No I don’t believe so, if you’re from New England it’s all part of that process so the hot and cold plays with it and we have potholes,” said Joe Deedy of Southwick.

But if you’re driving you should be on the lookout for them or it could end up costing you quite a bit of money. 

“I certainly don’t drive too close to the other person and when it is rainy out I make sure I go a little slower because there could be a lot of water in a standing pothole and you won’t even know it until you break your rim,” said Tina Giachello of West Springfield.

With milder temperatures in the forecast, the freezing and thawing will likely lead to more potholes.

This is a little early to have so many potholes. They’re typically more of a problem in March and April.

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